SpeakLab Boost Camp


Invest one week in training this summer – and enjoy the results for life. The Summer Boost Camp in communication runs for 5 days. You will meet dedicated instructors who are specialists in their field.

You will learn

  • to use and understand body language
  • how to build authority
  • effective voice training
  • how to structure a presentation to grab and hold the audience
  • smart use of visual aid and props
  • storytelling: what is it – and how to use it professionally
  • how to manage stress and stage freight
  • communication in crises
  • tv and radio performance

In addition to training in small groups, you will also receive 1:1 tutoring with your instructor.

We will take the course to the next level in 2021. This will include an exciting and innovative digital course, unlike many of the courses available today. This is still work in progress, but more information will be made available this fall.

Interested in a physical or digital Boost Camp in 2021? Feel free to contact us!

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