SpeakLab is a course and training center for presentation and public speaking. We know that everyone can become a skilled communicator. We believe that everyone has their own strength’s, and our focus is to develop these further. Our courses make you more comfortable, sharper and compelling when you speak. They combine experience and knowledge from journalism, vocal-studies, theater and top level athletics and sports. Our aim is to enable you to rapidly create and hold powerful presentations by the end of the course.

Our instructors are active presenters. They moderate conferences, meetings and debates – varying from local to international level. We will gladly find a moderator that suits your event. We also offer lectures and musical pep-talks.

SpeakLab started back in 2010. The founders Siri Lill Mannes and Arne Møller wanted to create a training institute for public speaking. We have held courses and moderated conferences for the last nine years. Our clients are both private and public institutions, domestically and abroad. In the fall of 2015 we moved into our new institute in Bergen, where we are located today.

Siri Lill has 20 Years of experience from television. She mainly worked as a reporter and news anchor in the Norwegian TV-channel TV2. Arne has been a professional football player and leader. He has the highest Norwegian certification as a football manager, and has also held motivational lectures in about 400 businesses.

The institute

In the fall of 2015 we moved into our institute in Nygårdshøyden, Bergen. Here we hold courses, events and produce video and audio.